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City of Artesia - Old Station 30

Our 1941 Fire Engine is On Display in the City of Artesia
at Los Angeles County's Old Fire Station 30

Old Station 30Old Fire Station #30 is located at the corner of Corby Ave. and 187th St. in Artesia. The Artesia Historical Society's Project Manager John Lyon, Project guided a group of volunteers through a very extensive restoration of the station.  The restored building has been retrofitted as a Fire Station Museum by the Artesia Historical Society, in conjunction with the City of Artesia and the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association. On October 30th, 2010, the Los Angeles County Fire Museum placed our 1941 vintage fire engine on long term loan with the City of Artesia to be displayed at the fire station.

The fire engine also went through extensive restoration by Joe Woyjeck, Captain Los Angeles County Engine 23. He delivered the engine, which is about 95% complete, to the station in time for their grand opening. Special recognition was given to Captain Joe Woyjeck, Vice President, at their February 19th, 2011 thank you breakfast for his generous support throughout the restoration project and in the on-going retrofit of the museum. Joe saw to it that many meaningful fire department memorabilia items and photographs were loaned or given to the Old Station #30 Museum, including the long term loan of the fire engine.

Joe WoyjeckOil Refineries · Musters

Captain Joe heard about the old station restoration, and realized there was an engine sitting around that just might fit in. We acquired our 1941 Ford truck Fire Engine back in the 1980's from the local Arco Oil Refinery.

BP Arco
The Museum would like to thank
BP Arco for their continuing contribution.

The Museum used it as a hose wagon for competitions, called musters, across the state of California. It was also used as a tow vehicle. It has been sitting behind Station 54 for the last couple of years and it deteriorated badly over those few years.

In June 2010, it was brought over to the Museum and Joe Woyjeck disassembled the vehicle to close to a frame off restoration. It actually was a fire engine, it had a pump and a water tank. But all of that had been removed either by Arco, or Shell, or the Museum back in the '80s, we are still looking into who did that modification.

The old Station 30 had a late model 1940s fire engine in service there, so this will be a decent representation of what was in that station at that time. You may visit Old Station 30, and our fire engine, on the second Saturday of the month from 1PM to 3PM.

The Ford and 30sThe Ford









The 30s At Old 30s
The 2011 30s Visting Old Station 30


The Restoration of the 1941 Vintage Fire Engine


442Firewall work




An in depth restoration that was performed was the 1941 Ford 1 ½ ton fire engine.  We started this a simple quick cosmetic clean up and here ended up with it almost completely apart and the motor sitting on a pallet. The motor was completely restored and is one beautiful flat head V8 now.  This project was put on the fast track to make it to Old Station 30 in time. 




1903 Steamer parts Steamer closeup

Steamer on blocks Wheels Wheels off

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In June 2010, the wheels were back on and the engine had been installed.
This turned out to be one beautiful fire engine!

1941 Fire Engine