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ENGINE 51 Donor Board
Engine 51's Donors We Thank You


Restoration · Donations

See our Donations Page... Become a part of history!

Engine 51 Goal

On August 8, 2008, Ward LaFrance "Engine 51" from the television show EMERGENCY! Engine 51 in Museumwas reunited with "Squad 51" at the LA County Fire Museum after being retired from nearly thirty years of service in Yosemite National Park. The engine had been well taken care of, but was retrofitted and restored to return it to its original specifications and appearance. Following a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal in June 2010, donations toward the restoration project began arriving. Even though much of the work was done by Museum volunteers, nearly $35,000 is still needed to fund the work. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association, and state that you would like your donation earmarked for the restoration of "Engine 51." We are not done yet, there is a long way to go, and we need to restore the funds that were utilized on this project.


Museum Honorary Chairman Randolph Mantooth is a popular Keynote Speaker at Fire and EMS Conferences and special events across the country, delivering an average of twenty presentations each year on the history of EMS in America. Since 2003, he and past board member Nancy McFarland have teamed up to host fundraising autograph sessions on behalf of the museum following his speeches, and have successfully raised over $40,000 for the building fund and other special projects. Recently they have promoted the Engine 51 project and have dedicated a portion of the proceeds from the autograph sessions to the Ward LaFrance restoration fund.

Randolph Mantoth © 2010 County of Los Angeles Fire Museum
Photo embeded with Digimarc tracking code, do not replicate.

Randy, Nancy and the board of directors would like to thank the following organizations and conference attendees for their support and generosity at the autograph table, and acknowledge their contribution to the restoration of the Ward LaFrance Engine 51:

North Carolina State Firemen's Assoc North Carolina State Firemen's Association and South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina - $2,500.00
S Main EMS Conference Southern Maine EMS Conference in Portland, Maine - $500.00
Oregon EMS Conference Oregon Research and Education Foundation and the Oregon EMS Conference - $2,000.00
Metro Boston EMS Metropolitan Boston EMS Council 10th Annual Awards Banquet - $1,000.00 



Doctor Eugene Nagel


Our first major donation toward the restoration of Engine 51 was received from:

Doctor Eugene Nagel, M.D. - Miami Florida.

"Dr. Eugene Nagel is a pioneer in the field of Emergency Medical Services. He was Medical Director for the City of Miami Fire Department's rescue operation from 1964 until he left Miami in 1974. During those 10 years, he developed the first paramedic program utilizing telemetry and voice medical control rather than the then practice of riding either a physician or nurse with the paramedics."

In this photo, Dr. Nagel is autographing the Museum's paramedic backboard on May 7th, 2010. All Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedic are invited to autograph the backboard. Read more about our backboard in the Artifacts section.

The biography on Dr. Nagel has been borrowed from our Pioneers of Parmedicine Website. Read about other pioneers in the field on this Website.


Thank you PRO EMS - Cambridge, Massachusetts

PRO EMS Cambridge Mass


Thank you to Bill Mergendahl, CEO, and Larry Stone, President, of Professional Ambulance(PRO EMS) of Cambridge, MA for their generous donation of $2,500.00. The check was presented to Randolph Mantooth and Nancy McFarland during their recent visit to Cambridge, MA, which was hosted by PRO EMS, the Metropolitan Boston EMS Council, and the Cambridge Fire Department. 



Get your name here! We will recognize you, a special dedication, or your company right here with your denotation to the restoration of Engine 51.
Visit our Donate Page for more information


Date Name Amount
  Your Name Could Be HERE  
10/29/2015 Paul D Floyd $100.00
6/24/2015 Theran Davis $251.00
3/1/2015 Tim Kolessar $70.00
9/21/2014 Colleen Burks $500.00
6/19/2014 Colleen Burks $500.00
5/24/14 Ian G. Myers $250.00
8/5/2013 Chris Williams $25.00
5/20/2013 Caperton USA, Inc.


4/30/2012 Chris Hart $20.00
3/26/2012 Lyle Burkhart $100.00
2/11/2112 Ming-Yi Hsueh $100.00
1/13/2103 Edward C. White $50.00
12/06/2011 Brady Fox $100.00
12/02/2011 Christopher L. Belby $25.00
11/25/2011 Cathy & Tim Kolessar $100.00
11/19/2011 Christopher L. Beilby $8.32
5/27/2011 Paul Floyd $25.00
5/14/2011 International Association of Fire Chiefs $1000
5/14/2011 Pamela Kendricks $100
5/11/2011 Blake Oxford $25
5/06/2011 Thomas Sullivan $100
4/28/2011 Doug Burrell $100
4/27/2011 Pamela Kendricks $100
4/16/2011 Howard Dolan $12.51
4/05/2011 Michael Bragg $50.00
4/02/2011 Ryan Gardner $30.00
4/01/2011 Robert Gaffney $100.00
4/01/2011 Jennifer Ducker $20.00
4/01/2011 Richard Yokley, Author, EMERGENCY! Behind the Scene $1000.00
4/01/2011 Cindy Kimura $20.00
3/30/2011 Pamela Kendricks $30.00
3/30/2011 Eric Bisson $50.00
3/29/2011 R. Gregory Showalter $50.00
3/23/2011 Christian Henning $100.00
3/18/2011 Elena Daniel $20.00
1/15/11 Anne Davenport $110.00
12/29/10 Jeff Brown $51.00
12/20/10 Liam Caraher $100.00
11/21/2011 Josh Drouard $30.00
11/11/10 Mitchell Takemoto $100.00
11/11/10 Marisol Espiranza (also $25.50 Squad 51 Maintenance) $25.50
10/10/10 Steve Sulligen $1000.00
10/10/10 Renae Carpenter a Big Red Angel $250.00
10/15/2010 Chad Christensen $50.00
6-9/2010 NCSFA, SM EMS Conference, OR & EF, OR EMS Conference
(see more info above)
9/2010 Carol Fowlie a Big Red Angel $500.00
9/2010 Raymond (Last Name held by request) $500.00
9/25/2010 Patti Keiper $125.00
9/17/2010 William Claessens $100.00
9/11/2010 Dennis Cameron  $100.00
9/2010 James & Erika Saltzburg $100.00
9/2010 James & Erika Saltzbur also for maintenance of Squad 51 $25.00
9/2010 Eric Kubesh $100.00
  Total to Date: $17,859.76
  GOAL $50,000.00