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Spence D. Turner
County of Los Angeles Fire Department


1925 ยท 1952

Chief TurnerThe second person responsible for fire protection in Los Angeles County territory was first hired to serve as an assistant to Chief Forester Flintham in 1921. As did Chief Flintham, Spence Turner became aware of his responsibilities as he went along; he did, however, have the distinct advantage of working with Chief Flintham for four years prior to his assuming the top post.

There has been a tendency over the years to fail to give Turner adequate recognition for his numerous accomplishments. During his 27-year tenure as Chief of the Los Angeles County Department of Forester and Fire Warden, Fish and Game and Fire Protection Districts, it was his guidance which allowed this multi-faceted organization to prepare itself for the eventual organizational unification which took place between 1948 and 1954.

Had not World War II occurred when it did, it might have been possible for the unification to occur perhaps five years sooner than it actually did. Much of the groundwork and skeletal planning had already been accomplished by the early 1940s. Regardless, Turner mentally prepared the Department and his successors for the inevitable.



Borrowed from the County of Los Angeles Fire Department