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Keith Klinger
County of Los Angeles Fire Department


1954 ยท 1969

Chief KlingerOn January 23, 1954, Keith Klinger received his appointment as head of the then 80-station department. Son of LACoFD Battalion Chief W. B. Klinger, he rose steadily through the ranks and appointed as Fire Chief following the accidental death of Fire Chief Cecil Gehr.

He was the first Fire Chief appointed without ever having been assigned to a position within the Forester and Fire Warden. The recurring theme of Chief Klinger's term was coordinated, explosive growth. He made certain that the Board of Supervisors and the public at large were well aware of the need for additional fire stations, personnel, and for the development of new firefighting techniques and the equipment with which to deliver them.

Working with Sheriff Peter Pitchess and Retired Lakewood City Attorney John Todd, Klinger worked to develop the historic "Lakewood Plan," allowing incorporated cities to contract with the County for fire protection and life safety services. By the time Chief Klinger retired in June of 1969, the Forester and Fire Warden and Consolidated Fire Protection Districts were working together as one cohesive unit.

The basic foundation for sustained coordinated progress had been laid and was already being built upon. The Board of Supervisors named him "Fire Chief Emeritus" for all of his landmark contributions to the Department and the fire service..

Borrowed from the County of Los Angeles Fire Department

Firefighter Keith Klinger

Engine 15 - Keith Klinger, Joe Zabaldano, R. E. Burner 11-19-1939

Chief Klinger

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