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John Englund
County of Los Angeles Fire Department


1983 ยท 1988

Chief EnglundThe sixth person to become head of the Forester & Fire Warden and Fire Protection Districts was John Englund. He was appointed Fire Chief after a short period as Chief Deputy, serving under Clyde Bragdon.

As a battalion chief on his way up the ranks, Englund served as the Department's representative to Operation Firescope. He participated in the design and development of the agency which accessed and coordinated all of the fire protection resources in Southern California for multi-jurisdictional coverage.

Englund continued to fight the, by then, common budget battles due to property tax shortfalls and undependable state funding. He was still able to pay off all debt owed by the Department and place it on an all-cash basis for the first time in many years.

He also ordered the first Bell 412 twin-engine helicopter and continued the rapid increase in new ladder companies which had been initiated by Chief Bragdon before him.

Borrowed from the County of Los Angeles Fire Department