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Cecil Gehr
County of Los Angeles Fire Department


1952 ยท 1953

Chief GehrThe career of Cecil Gehr within the Department was extensive and varied. He graduated from Forestry School in 1924, but found it expedient to join the Fire Protection Districts en route up the promotional ladder. This allowed him to become an engineer in 1926, a Captain in 1927, and a Battalion Chief in the Forester and Fire Warden in 1940 (which required him to resign from the Districts first, an unusual procedure which fortunately did not last much longer.)

He was promoted to Chief Deputy in 1949 and to the top position in 1952. Chief Gehr was highly respected by all. During his one year of service as Fire Chief, he became known for his ability to cause people to work together in order to resolve challenging issues connected with the "merger" of the Forester and Fire Warden and Fish and Game with the newly-formed Consolidated Fire Protection District.

While responding to an incident in his personal vehicle, he was tragically killed in a traffic accident on July 14, 1953 - a stunning loss for the Department, the fire service, and County residents.



Borrowed from the County of Los Angeles Fire Department