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We have put up 6 new videos to share with you. With the generous sponsorshi of Valvoline, the videos are a great introductions to our Museum and apparatus care.

We wish to thank Valvoline for their generous renewal of sponsorship for 2015.













A friend of the museum sent us this photo of a beautiful Seagrave that was once one of our Department's own. It is for sale, but priced above what we would be willing to pay. We are hoping to negotiate. Originally the engine was painted in a two tone green scheme. Sure is nice seeing it is being so well cared for.


Our new museum will see groundbreaking very soon. If you are not an active firefighter, please consider joining as an Associate Memeber and support our future!





by President, Paul Schneider

Ahh the weight of command, the burden bore by the Company Commander can require numerous moments of deep thought. Knowing first hand the weight of command I can fully sympathize with our subjects need to elevate his feet to improve circulation in order to maximize oxygen rich blood flow to his brain which will further assist in the concentration needed to solve the days issues. He closes his eyes less he be distracted.

To the unknowing eye the Captain of Engine Company 32 appears to simply be indulging in a mid day nap but that is clearly not the case here. Look closer, he’s still wearing his eyeglasses, soft cap is at the ready for the eventual epiphany that is surely only moments away. The simultaneous crossing of arms and legs is an age old and effective method of focusing ones mind. Yes indeed, our Captain from years gone by surely resolved many issues facing his Engine Company that day so long ago. Today with so many more hoops through which countless “big picture” entities force Company Officers to jump through, it is much more difficult to find a non-phone ringing moment between emergency responses in which to engage in such moments of intense concentration. But we shall endeavor to persevere!


LA Co Fire Museum highlighted in posting:

See California has featured the LA Co Fire Museum on the cover of California's top travel website!




We invite you to watch Pioneers of Paramedicine, our video telling the story of the four founding fathers of the paramedicine programs. The video was shot during a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please go to our Pioneers of Paramedicine website for the link to the video, which is hosted by Kevin Tighe, Baxter Larmon, and Randolph Mantooth.


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L.A. County Fire Museum to Create Granite Mountain Hotshot
Wildland Firefighting Memorial

The Los Angeles County Fire Museum will create a Wildland Firefighter Memorial to remember the 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew who were killed outside Prescott, Arizona, on June 30, 2013. The memorial will also provide a place to remember other wildland firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

To help fund the creation of the memorial, Dan Doke, uncle of Granite Mountain Hotshot crew member Kevin Woyjeck, has donated a fully restored 1925 Ford Model T to the museum. The museum auctioned off the car on November 22nd. It sold for $32,000. This was not high enough, in our opinion! Well, we were not the only ones to think so. An anonymous donor stated that the car did not get what it should have so donated $25,000 to the cause. Wow.. it keeps getting better. The buyer of the car donated it BACK to the Museum! It went back to auction on November 23rd and Joe came back to the Museum with $88,000 for the memorial.

“Kevin put in a lot of hours at the museum,” said Joe Woyjeck, a captain in the L.A. County Fire Department, the vice president of the museum, and Kevin’s father. “It was at times his second home. I often introduced Kevin as the next president of the museum.”

Kevin was killed earlier this year, along with 18 of his fellow wildland firefighters, when they were sent in to battle a blaze outside of Prescott, Arizona. In one of the worst disasters in wildland firefighting history, the wind suddenly shifted on the crew and they were killed in the line of duty.

“A lot of people don’t realize that many of today’s municipal firefighters started out as wildland firefighters,” said Capt. Woyjeck, who has been on the L.A. County Fire Department for 34 years and began his career as a wildland firefighter. “Kevin was following in my footsteps, both at the museum and in the fire service. Despite the connection to Capt. Woyjeck, the museum feels that it’s only appropriate to have a memorial dedicated to the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who were killed in the single greatest loss of life in the in the last 80 or so years of wildland firefighting service. It’s also appropriate because wildland firefighting has been such an integral part of the career path for so many firefighters working today.

Our Vice President, Joe Woyjeck, envisions the display as an interactive display. "It's more of a personal thing, with their faces, the fires, the dates. It will tell a story." Our 1930 Moreland will be the centerpiece of the wildland display," according to Joe. "It came to us from the State Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention." That department was the beginning of the Los Angeles County Fire Department that we know today.

Stand by, we will bring you more information on this memorial as it progresses.

Granite Mountain Hotshots

The Kevin Woyjeck Memorium has been
moved to our Memorium page.

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The Museum:
Our facility to showcases some of the 60 antique fire engines from our diverse collection. Our Bellflower location serves as a temporary showroom as we work towards a permanent home. << Read More>>

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What does it take to restore an icon?
Engine 51 has been  restored. See the process.
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WE ACCEPT MATERIAL DONATIONS FROM LACoFD FAMILIES If you have, or had, family in our fire department, please think of us when you are trying to decide what to do with your loved ones photos and fire memorabilia. Donate them to the museum, they will be archived and cataloged along with our collection. Every item will be treated with the utmost respect with the knowledge that your loved one served with honor. Know that your family member will be remembered and honored with their memorabilia as a part of the County of Los Angeles Fire Museum.